Alternate Titles

Beds on Heads

Lauren Bon and the Strawberry Flag team host Strawberry Flag High Tea #6

Tax Day High Tea

The Mad Hatter's Tea Party


July 15 2010 (date created)




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Approximately 75 guests and 30 Metabolic Studio Team members and CWT veterans gather to share a tea of Strawberry Flag cereal and various nut milks on the quad in front of Bldg. 209. Titled “Beds on Heads” High Tea #6 has homeless vets in mind and attendees wear Studio-made black top hats with model cots attached to the top. Dressed in medical garb milkmaids.men Roxanne Steinberg, Sarah McCabe, Jaime Lopez Wolters and Meredith Hackleman offer nut milks from medical IV bags. An egg hunt with verse clues takes place. Plant adoption continues. Mario Rodriguez plays the fiddle. Dorian & Maya Bon play and sing in front of Bldg. 209, Mario (a one legged veteran) plays the fiddle. Dressed as a clown.conductor Rochelle Fabb reads “The Little Train That Could” and leads all attendees in a rousing line chanting “I think I can!” that culminates in a group photograph.        

The guests include movie producer/production manager Ted Gault. He intimates to Rochelle Fabb and Adolfo V. Nodal that he is organising a large July 4th celebration with the Veterans Park Conservancy and via VA Volunteer Services. It will, he says, include playboy bunnies along with various  stages and vendors. He invites the Metabolic Studio to partner with him on the event. The invitation is declined. Rochelle Fabb immediately sends advance notification to VA Asset Management recording the Studio's intention to host a Strawberry Flag July 4th event.

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Joshua White (photographed by), Sharon Ryan (depicts), William Billy Basinski (depicts)

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