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High Tea #7

Lauren Bon and the Strawberry Flag team host High Tea #7: "This Land is Your Land"

This Land is Your Land High Tea


June 10 2010 (date created)




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Approximately 75 guests and 35 Metabolic Studio Team members and CWT veterans gather to share a land use themed tea of fresh fruit (bananas, grapes) on the quad in front of Bldg. 209. Themed around the concept of land use, placemats are purposely made for the event in imitation of a Monopoly board. Each site listed on the  board is selected by veterans and reflects their (monetary and non-monetary) value for the VA. Performances of Woody Guthries'  "This Land is Your Land" take place at an open mike. John Hobbs plays the harmonica, Roxanne performs as a chicken, Ray Rodgers on the piano with Alonzy on drums play "America the Beautiful" and "This Land is Your Land", Javelyn plays guitar, Douglas Lee plays glass harp, Rocky Dawani and a guitarist play reggae.

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