Action: Lauren Bon and the Strawberry Flag team host Strawberry Flag High Tea #5




Lauren Bon gives out table topic/question cards for the various hosts. Guests are given tours of the aquaponic berry system and string copper adoption bands on selected plants. Mayseo performs a magic show and a Bollywood dancer performs in the Strawberry Flag tent. Geoff Gardner conducts interviews for Blog talk Radio. Strawberry Gazette #2 is distributed hot off the press. Greeters wear green jumpsuits

Related People/Organizations

Lauren Bon (was attended by), Zoe Hay (was attended by), Rochelle Fabb (was attended by), Sarah McCabe (was attended by), Ruth Harris (was attended by), Jules Rochelle Sievert (was attended by), Lou Pesce (was attended by), Fred Portillo (was attended by), CWT manager Rosa Nielsen and two CWT veterans Howard and Hayward (was attended by), Cindy Bautista (was attended by), Derainer Holland (was attended by), Maya Bon (was attended by), Emily Meredith (was attended by), Rich Nielsen (was attended by), Lisa Marr (was attended by), Paolo Davanzo (was attended by), Guy Hatzvi (was attended by), John Hobbs (was attended by), Geoff Gardner (was attended by), Bobby Shelton (was attended by)

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Location notes: VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System, West LA Healthcare Center, 11301 Wilshire Boulevard, Quad of Building 205-208-209, Strawberry Flag, CA 90073 (USA)

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