Action: Metabolic Studio conducts Liminal Camera Shoot on Flag Day



Alternate Title

Flag Day: flag raising on the Owens Lake dry lakebed


The Liminal Camera is brought to the center of the dry lakebed to take a photograph of the raising of the giant flag. The resulting photograph inaugurates the Liminal Camera Flag Tour, 9.14.11 - 11.11.11. The Liminal Camera is an image capturing and perceptual tool conceived and made by Lauren Bon and the Metabolic Studio. It comprises a repurposed shipping container mounted on the back of a truck. It produces large scale photographs that are both shot and developed inside the container.

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Lauren Bon (was attended by), Rich Nielsen (was attended by), Tristan Duke (was attended by), Guy Hatzvi (was attended by), Jaime Lopez Wolters (was attended by), Jason Curtis (was attended by), Beverly Vander Wall (was attended by), Dean Vander Wall (was attended by), Leo Bondani (was attended by)

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