Action: Kaleidoscope Workshop in the IOU Garden




Giuseppe Mastruzzo, artist in residence, leads a kaleidoscope making workshop in the IOU Garden in Lone PIne.
Lauren, Maya and Dorian Bon attend with Rich Nielsen, Guy Hatzvi, Tristan Duke, Hanna and Saskia Krut Powell, Sarah McCabe, Rachael Neubauer and from the community Reggie, Faraji, Ben and neighbor with her daughter attend.

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Saskia Krut (was attended by), Hannah Krut (was attended by), Rich Nielsen (was attended by), Maya Bon (was attended by), Tristan Duke (was attended by), Guy Hatzvi (was attended by), Sarah McCabe (was attended by), Lauren Bon (was attended by), Dorian Bon (was attended by), Giuseppe Mastruzzo (was attended by)

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Owens Valley, California (occurred at)

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